Come on in…

My name is Lynn Bradshaw and I am an English language teacher, a writer, a photographer and a traveller. I hail from the northern industrial town of Wigan, formerly Lancashire but now Greater Manchester, England. I moved out when I was 18 to study history at Edge Hill University, worked a bit, then became a volunteer ESOL teacher in Skelmersdale. Then I got my Trinity College Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and began an exciting teaching adventure in the south of England, Taiwan, Spain, Czechoslovakia Slovakia and Germany. I returned to the UK for 16 years working in further education. I have had recent experience training teachers in St Petersburg (Russia) and am now based in Krakow, Poland.

On the way I have picked up an MA in Applied Linguistics and an MA in Creative Writing as well as a Trinity College Diploma in TESOL and a PCGC in Adult Education. I have been a subject learning coach for adult education and eLearning as well as an eLearning guide.

Currently, I teach English Language and eLearning in Krakow as well as doing a bit of writing,  a bit of photography and a bit of research into samizdat.


Krakow in spring


Balcony in Lviv


Bus in Lviv


Traditional buildings in Lviv



Shop, Krakow


Contemporary art, Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow


Inside a junk shop, Krakow