Building a Moodle site

For many years I used Moodle sites to organise my courses and keep my materials in a clearly accessible place. These sites had always been curated by others and I just populated the courses which had been assigned to me. Now, I am both the curator and the populator. It has been an extremely interesting and satisfying journey into the unknown.

Knowing how to populate a Moodle course is one thing; knowing how to construct a Moodle site from scratch is something else. The easy part is getting the site name and uploading it to the Moodle Cloud. The hard part is building upon that basic structure to create something workable and usable.

The first thing I learnt is that the current version of Moodle is much improved upon from the versions I used in the past and there is so much more you can now do on Moodle. This is exciting if, like me, you love both technology and a challenge.

What is so good about Moodle? It is online. This means a reduction in paperwork. You can store documents, movies, audio, images, quizzes, links and practically everything else you need for teaching in the same place. You can divide your courses up into the books you are teaching and the courses you are running then you can create pages, lessons, quizzes and links in the place where you need them. Brilliant.

I am currently using Moodle as a depository for my e-Learning course. This means that I can click on a link and then run the training directly from the page. Together with animated videos and Screencastify the whole thing runs pretty smooth. And, I can everyone on the course a  password so they can go onto the page and download the materials they like. No more emailing everyone!!! What is there not to love.